Founded 2014, MacroPiX Srl, based in Milan, Italy, designs and manufactures LED displays solutions, to include standard as well as custom integrated solutions. Macropix with over 3000 indoor and outdoor installations world wide have an in-depth knowledge of LED technology and the production processes involved utilizing propriety technology and high quality components, pillars on which the MacroPiX approach is based upon when it comes to designing and manufacturing LED – based solutions which are also environmentally friendly and cost effective.. Additionally, Macropix is well-equipped to handle even the most complex and wide-ranging projects, from simple shop displays through to industrial displays, from museums to theatres and from skyscraper facades to real art masterpieces, creating displays of any shape and size for any environment. A Proven track record for project design, Macropix ensures fast delivery with logistics, FAT and certification processes all in place backed up by the local VUEAV team to support for a complete turn key project.