VUEAV join forces with Analog Way

Analog Way Aquilon
Analog Way Aquilon

VUEAV’s goal is to collaborate with exclusive and leading technology providing partners by executing our expertise in an ever-changing and growing digital world. With this in mind VUEAV are delighted to announce the addition of the world-leading designer and manufacturer of presentation switchers, Analog Way to compliment our high performance range of visual solutions.

Analog Way’s Commitments to customers:

  • Cutting-edge technologies and performance

  • Rugged construction, uncompromising quality and reliability

  • Attractive, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain products

  • Consistent, modular and scalable designs

  • Advanced, simple and well-supported product interfacing

  • Customer orientation and performance outcomes

  • Extensive training and technical support resources.

Discover Analog Way’s wide range of solutions and access to useful resources: technical data sheet, specifications, literature, videos and much more.

The latest product range of LivePremier™ are Aquilon RS4, Aquilon AS3, Aquilon RS2, Aquilon RS1, Aquilon C+, Aquilon C are multi-screen presentation systems and video-wall processors with their compound inputs and outputs, delivering uncompromising presentation experiences to high-end staging and premium system integration.

LivePremier™ presentation systems — Combines industrial grade reliability, unrivaled ease-of-use, versatile 4K digital connectivity, unmatched real-time 10/12-bit 4:4:4 video processing power, best image quality and pure 4K60p on each input and output with ultra-low latency.

LiveCore™ image processors — Cutting edge, solid state, multi-output 4K seamless switcher and video-wall processor based on the powerful LiveCore™ platform. Featuring heavy-duty design, versatile connectivity, state-of-the-art real-time processing, advanced video effects and user-friendly web-based user interface.

Also, wide range of Midra™ presentation switchers, Midra™ HDBaseT presentation switchers, Picturall™ media servers, VIO 4K multi-format converter, Consoles & controllers, Software & tools & LiveCore™ accessories & tools.