VUEAV has extensive experience in how to get the WOW factor for your project. Whether the requirement is for outdoor billboard signage or pixel perfect images to monitor critical network data such as power, water of gas, VUEAV offer a range of affordable, scalable solutions for a vast array of applications.

As part of the Christie Indoor LED offering, CORE II, is a fully featured value proposition as well as the innovative  MICROTILES which is built upon the success of its predessor and sets out to incorporate the latest LED display technology with the the most advanced mechanical design. 

 Additionally, VUEAV has secured an Exclusive product offering from the European manufacturer, MACROPIX. With an impressive end user list of customers including over 3000 references in the Middle East and Europe, MACROPIX offers unique value propositions across its range of product solutions.  

MACROPIX Significant USP's

  • European design and built – ensuring exceptional quality.  
  • Full Product Certifications for all major markets
  • Full Range of LED Product offering for standard Indoor, Outdoor and Customised solutions based around the customers needs and application
  • Range of pixel sizes and resolution formats offered
  • Use of proprietary technology, each and every electronics components exceeds the highest performance parameters
  • Dedicated pre sales support for product advice and recommendations
  • CAD Design support for partner integration
  • Fast Service, project planning, proposal, delivery of product, partner support
  • Project installation and commissioning support
  • Local after sales support to include spares and industry trained technicians
  • Local stock of finished products

LED Kiosk Range

Gold Kiosk

Gold Standard for the Ultimate View Ultimate image performance

LED Video wall range