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Drawing upon years of projector manufacture experience, the VUEAV team has a wealth of projection knowledge enabling you to select the right projection technology to meet all specifications and designs. A consultative philosophy is firmly at the centre of our thought process rather than that of a one-dimensional manufacturer – a WIN-WIN approach for the customer and their project needs. We have sourced leading-edge projection technologies to power our projection offerings for all specifications and applications to include;

  • 2000 – 72000 lumens
  • From 4K to 8K
  • LCD to DLP
  • Lamp to Laser
  • World-Class Brands: Christie, Hitachi, Vivitek
  • Stage to Theatre
  • Auditorium to Cinema
  • Dome to Building Mapping


PROJECTION TOOLS to help you design your project considering lens throw distance, screen size and required brightness standards. Advanced tools to help you calculate blending and warping for complex projects to include curved arrays and building mapping

PROJECTOR SELECTOR to help you discover the right specification from our wide range of offerings