VUEAV Collaborates with CLARO

June 17, 2019

The VUEAV quest for leading edge LED product manufactured in Europe has taken our search to Turkey where we have entered into an exclusive sales agreement with the company CLARO.

CLARO not only offer standard LED display technology for various INDOOR & OUTDOOR project applications, they also go beyond to offer custom design and bespoke product offerings so with this partnership in place, together, we are more than ready to offer our partners an end-to-end turnkey solution ensuring not only choice but also performance and value for money.

VUEAV views the Video Wall LED market as a growing area for LED as the technology evolves towards finer pixel pitch offerings and CLARO through their SUMMIT, SIGNATURE and OASIS series offering a wide range from 1.2mm through to 10mm. To complement, CLARO and VUEAV can also offer LED KIOSK’s for indoor, outdoor as well as cinema format posters. Further custom offerings to include the FLEX Series, all compelling reasons to contact us now at hello@vueav.com where our sales and support team is always there to help you for your queries or inquires. 


Signature Series 

  • Signature Series SG2
  • Signature Series SG2.5
  • Signature Series SG3
  • Signature Series SG4
  • Signature Series SG5

Summit Series

  • Summit Series SM1.2
  • Summit Series SM1.5
  • Summit Series SM1.6
  • Summit Series SM1.8

Oasis Series 

  • Oasis Series OA3
  • Oasis Series OA4
  • Oasis Series OA5
  • Oasis Series OA6
  • Oasis Series OA8
  • Oasis Series OA10

Creative Solutions 

  • Creative Solutions Cube
  • Creative Solutions Rostrum

Flexible Series

  • Flexible Series FL2
  • Flexible Series FL2.5
  • Flexible Series FL3
  • Flexible Series FL4
  • Flexible Series FL5
  • Flexible Series FL6
  • Flexible Series FL8
  • Flexible Series FLO4

Kiosk Solutions

  • Kiosk Solutions Gold Kiosk
  • Kiosk Solutions Double Sided
  • Kiosk Solutions Mirror Kiosk
  • Kiosk Solutions OA3
  • Kiosk Solutions OA4
  • Kiosk Solutions OA5

Totem Solutions

  • Totem Solutions OA4
  • Totem Solutions OA5
  • Totem Solutions OA6