Signal Management


VUEAV work closely together with Lightware, Hall Technologies and Jupiter to incorporate high fidelity signal management product solutions to help our team to build out project connectivity designs between source and play out.


Our brands products

Image of Lightware

Lightware products have great advantages for installers, helping the process of installation and operation as well.

There are three main feature areas which make Lightware products the best choice for system integrators, consultants and end-users: analytics, diagnostics and the open API.

Image of Hall Technologies

From video distribution and switchers/scalers to completely integrated audio, video, and control systems, Hall Technologies aim is to strengthen human connection – whether that be in the home, office, or classroom.

Image of Jupiter

Modular and future compatible

Jupiter’s video wall processors are modular and can expand to any size configuration imaginable, from a single stand-alone display to a massive global network of thousands of connected wall devices accessed by millions of teams simultaneously, worldwide.