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Designed and manufactured in Austria, AV Stumpfl Projection Screens feature an unequaled manufacturing process, the use of high grade screen fabric and materials to deliver the best projected image performance without compromising the economics of the project.   

Our brands products

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Solutions from AV Stumpfl include

Mobile Projection - Small Packing Dimensions, Lightweight, Quick set up & Breakdown

Roll Up - Permanent installation, Wall or Ceiling mounted, Electric motor to retract and hide screen

Fixed Frame - High precision fixed frame, choice of screen materials and sizes to fit application

Custom - Tailored exactly to the application environment, Any size, Aspect ratio, Radius, Border

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We love the Mobile unibody screen system from AV Stumpfl for many reasons...

  • It boasts a contemporary design.
  • It offers quick and intuitive setup for one person with no tools required.
  • It's cost-effective.

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BLACKPEAK from AV Stumpfl delivers exceptional black levels and an impressive contrast ratio, even in environments with ambient light.

In contrast to white projection screen surfaces, it remains inconspicuous during periods of inactivity.

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