Image Processors & switching


VUEAV through industry leading brands, Analog Way and Christie offer flexible image processors and universal routing switchers for creative video, data management and widescreen multi-windowing displays for live and time events and shows.

Large-format, 4K resolution with multi-source for multi-display applications with processing tools and easy to use user interfaces capable are handled within these ranges on offer through VUEAV.

Our brands products

Image of Christie

When it comes to creative visual effects, the only limit is your imagination.

The Spyder X80 provides 80-megapixel bandwidth that enables the creation of spectacular, never-before-seen visual experiences and is the most powerful multi-screen windowing processor and content management solution available. Engineered with direct feedback from users to meet their exacting performance and reliability requirements, The Spyder X80 stands alone at the forefront of processing.

Image of Analog Way

Renowned for its unrivaled image quality and low processing latency, Analog Way image processors combine a state-of-the-art scaling engine, versatile connectivity, flexibility through their support of different video standards, true-seamless switching technology, advanced windowing features and a wide range of transitions and effect.