Indoor & Outdoor LED


Nothing quite has the impact of a high resolution, bright, colourful LED wall.

The VUEAV team offer sales and technical support at every stage of your project with both pre-configured and bespoke display solutions available.

Our brands products

Image of Christie

The Christie® lineup of indoor LED tiles provides unmatched choice, versatility, and flexibility when it comes to specifying high-performance video walls.

Christie® professional-grade LED video walls are perfect for indoor applications like control rooms, hospitality, retail, entertainment, or corporate. Choose from award-winning premium options for critical viewing or budget-friendly high-performance options to engage and entertain customers with spectacular viewing experiences.

Image of MacroPix

Macropix offer versatile indoor & outdoor LED display solutions with high brightness and excellent contrast. Composed of several seamless cabinets, (unlike other technologies such as LCD or OLED) they able to play static pictures as well as any video formats as if it was a large format PC monitor.