VUEAV partners with Lightware

May 5, 2019

VUEAV is delighted to announce our collaboration with Lightware who are known for their wider range of AV accessories.

Lightware is a leading manufacturer of DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort matrix switchers, signal extenders and accessories for the professional AV market with features like 25G Hybrid Technology and high-fidelity signal management. Collaboration with Lightware gives VUEAV an opportunity to serve the wider range of AV technologies and accessories and is now one-stop shop for our valuable clients with the best range and high-quality products.

 Introducing the latest product of Lightware

UBEX is our revolutionary, fiber-optical, scaling AV-Over-IP system which allows uncompressed 4K UHD@60Hz 4:4:4 signal extension with latency-free multi streaming, designed to use in a 10G Ethernet network.

The maximum reachable distance is ranging between 400 m and 80 km, depending on the type of single mode or multimode SFP+ optical modules installed in the device.

The UBEX design also favors dual-screen applications as a single UBEX device can handle 2x HDMI 2.0 video ports.

 TX, RX or TRX2   

To set the operation mode of an UBEX device, you only need to use the front panel menu to select if you want to use it in Transmitter (TX), Receiver (RX) or Transceiver (TRX2) mode. After selecting, the device restarts in the desired operation mode.

TRX2: Transceiver Mode   

UBEX is also capable of TRX2 or transceiver mode when a single unit is receiving and transmitting HDMI 2.0 signals simultaneously. This is a unique feature among AV extenders and AV-Over-IP systems.

In TRX2 mode one Full 4k@60 4:4:4 video stream can be transmitted while another Full 4k@60 4:4:4 video stream can be received on the same 20G Ethernet link over two SFP+ modules.

In a virtual matrix configuration transceiver mode allows a matrix system to reduce the needed number of endpoint devices, as one device can be a source and a sink device simultaneously.

Please contact our sales or support team to inquire about UBEX and its various unique capabilities.